Friday 25 October 2013

Moon on November 7th at Cardiff University

Film: Moon
Date: Thursday 7th November
Time: 6pm (screening) 7.45pm (talks and discussion)
Venue: Hadyn Ellis Building, Maindy Road.
Tickets can be booked by e-mailing or by phoning 02920 876936

In addition to Like Father, Like Son at Chapter Arts centre we will be screening the film Moon followed by academic talks and a discussion at Cardiff University's new Hadyn Ellis Building on Maindy Road on Thursday November 7th.  The forms part of the launch of the University's new flagship Hadyn Ellis Building which marks the beginning of the development of the new Maindy Road site. 

Moon is a fascinating film about Sam Bell, a man stationed on the moon harvesting helium-3, the answer to the world's energy crisis.  During his three year stint in space, communication with earth is cut-off leaving him only infrequent video messages from his wife, and GERTY, an AI robot, as his only companion.  Two weeks before he returns home, Sam crashes his lunar vehicle while attending to a jammed harvester and, when he wakes up without any memory of the crash and GERTY unwilling to let him leave the station, Sam must find out the truth of what happened.

Following the screening, a panel of experts will offer short responses to the film from their expertise, exploring themes such as robots as surrogate mothers, tissue engineering, living in space,and  hallucinations and memory, followed by a lively open discussion with the audience.  Wine and snacks will be provided and everyone attending is welcome to take part in the debate.  Tickets to the screening and discussion are free, but places must be booked by e-mailing
Please also note that the film is only suitable for persons of 15 years and over.

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