Tuesday 27 November 2012

The Master – 10th December

The next Cardiff sciSCREEN event will follow the 5:45pm screening of The Master at Chapter Arts Centre on Monday 10th of December.

Speakers will include Professor Ralph Fevre, Professor Jon Bisson, and Dr Susan Bisson. A fourth speaker is to be confirmed. Themes that will be explored in the sciSCREEN discussion include portrayals of mental illness in films, post-traumatic stress disorder, and  the curious appeal of new religious movements.

Tickets for the film are the usual prices and can be bought from Chapter. Tickets to the sciSCREEN event , which will begin at 8:15pm, are free, but must be booked over the phone or from the ticket desk in Chapter. This event will be held in the Stwdio, and has space for 100 people.

This sciSCREEN event is sponsored by the Cardiff School of Social Sciences.

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