Sunday 22 August 2010

Inception Prologue - The Cobol Job

As a final teaser before the Cardiff sciSCREEN showing of Inception, 5.45 this Friday at Chapter Arts Centre, we'll direct you to the comic book prologue for Inception.

While you can download it as a .pdf file, it is perhaps best viewed on the web using the snazzy webcomic reader that simulates the way comic books are read. Many webcomics are a series of disconnected panels. This reader moves across the page from panel to panel. It doesn't quite capture the way in which you can take in images from across a two-page spread while reading each panel in sequential order, but it is the best attempt I have yet seen on the web.

The screening of Inception is sponsored by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute. The speakers will be:

Their discussions will use this film to explore the psychology of lucid dreaming, business ethics and intellectual property, representations of urban environments, and the ownership of mental states.

Advance tickets (£6) can be purchased from Chapter, via the website, or over the phone (02920 304400).

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