Tuesday 3 August 2010

Philip French reviews Inception

It sounds like there will be plenty of meat for the speakers and the audience to get their teeth into.

"The film is the stuff that dreams are made on, a collaborative work of great technical skill and imaginative detail where everyone is working to help the writer-director realise a personal vision. Like Memento, the most intellectually demanding of Nolan's previous films, Inception demands and rewards our total attention as well as our emotional engagement. You'll want to see it again but not, I think, on the same day."

Philip French reviews Inception (The Observer, Sunday 18th July).

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  1. Just listening to an intriguing program on mind control on BBC Radio4.

    "Steve Punt turns private investigator, examining little mysteries that perplex, amuse and beguile.

    Steve turns the spotlight on mind control. Thanks to works of fiction, the idea that government agencies have the ability to brianwash people to commit dastardly acts has firmly lodged itself in the public imagination.

    Punt is assigned to sort fact from fiction, entering a murky work of government intelligence, military secrecy and wild speculation. From hypnosis to narcotics and now microwave technology, Punt calls in expert witnesses to ascertain whether it really is possible to get people to act against their free will. Can our wily PI track down the real Manchurian Candidate?"

    It would be really interesting to talk about the 'science of mind control' at the sciSCREEN event!